As a Business Consultant, the most common challenge I see is getting enough customers. Too many businesses have a ‘marketing problem’ because they simply don’t have a steady flow of people interested in what they sell. Sound familiar?

Every (effective) Marketing Strategy starts with a detailed understanding of your customer personas. When you truly understand your customer personas, you’ll know exactly which brands your ideal customers buy from, where they like to shop, how they make buying decisions and the marketing channels where they hang out.

This means no more wasted time and money!

If your target customer is a professional, it’s likely they hang out during the daytime on LinkedIn so that would be a great channel for you. If your target customer is a parent planning to create a nursery or playroom at home, the chances are you’ll find them over on Pinterest curating ideas. And if your target customer is looking for a childminder or nursery in Worthing, the chances are you’ll find them on WOMADs website for Facebook page, asking for recommendations. So, you’d better make sure that you’ve got lots of excellent reviews on your website, Google and social media.

So, what’s a customer persona?

It’s a semi-fictional description of your target audiences, sharing the most common characteristics of the customers you want more of. Most businesses will have between three and five customer personas. If they’re a similar age, I like to think of them as a group of best friends. If they’re cross-generational, I like to think of them as a family.

Think of your customer persona like a character in a book with passions, strengths, and flaws. You want to know his or her:

  • Background
  • Demographics
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Biggest fears
  • Common objections when they’re buying
  • The brands they buy from
  • The places – online and offline – where they shop.

Once you understand your customer personas in detail, it’s so much easier to plan a marketing strategy that’s right for your business. Knowing your customer personas in your head (which is the case with most business owners) won’t cut it!

There are lots of fun ways to bring your customer persona(s) to life. Through a vision board, curated images on a secret Pinterest board, a detailed written description and a CV which summarises their key elements. It’s an activity you could even ask your kids to help you with too!

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